Wealth Management

NCBA Investment Bank provides world-class asset management services. We have key experience in structuring bespoke investment solutions to suit your financial status, risk preferences, liquidity needs, and investment horizons.

We’re here to help you build confidence in your financial future after retirement. NCBA Investment Bank manages your funds to ensure an optimal return on investments over the long term, providing you with solutions to address the four critical needs in retirement: Meeting Essential costs, maintaining your lifestyle, preparing for the unexpected and leaving a legacy. All our solutions are in compliance with guidelines issued by the Retirement Benefits Authority.

Choose from a wide array of options that include:

  • Managing your occupational pension plans
  • NCBA Individual Pension Plans

We structure and manage investment portfolios specifically tailored to your unique investment objectives, reflecting your risk tolerance, time horizons, liquidity needs, and tax attributes.

This solution provides access to both private and public, on-shore and off-shore investment instruments and unique opportunities through professionally structured and managed bespoke portfolios.

We provide you access to investment opportunities cutting across different asset classes and counterparties without the need to directly engage with them. The minimum investment for this service is Kes 50 million or equivalent, denominated in USD or any East African currency.

NCBA Collective Investment Schemes are licensed by the Capital Markets Authority as NCBA Unit Trust Funds. Our unit trusts pool investors' money into a single fund, which is then channeled into various professionally managed investments.

This Kenya Shilling denominated Fund is appropriate for investors whose primary objective is to preserve capital whilst generating a regular interest income. Investors can invest and liquidate their investments with ease. Funds are invested in short term instruments including Treasury bills and bonds, fixed deposits and other interest-earning assets. The safety of principal investment is paramount. One can invest in this product with as little as KES 5,000.

This is a Kenya Shilling denominated fund appropriate for investors who is seeking to create an asset base that offers capital appreciation over a medium to long term. The fund is suitable for investors who have a moderate to aggressive risk appetite and investment horizon of over 3 years. The fund primarily invests in listed and select unlisted equities securities. One can invest in this product with as little as KES 5,000.

This dollar-denominated fund is for the investors with dollar cash-flows who would like to continue earning dollar returns, or investors who wish to diversify their local currency investments by including some foreign currency exposures. The Fund’s objective is to preserve capital whilst generating a regular interest income for unitholders by investing in a combination of Euro Bonds, USD fixed deposits, Mutual Funds, and other short-term interest-bearing assets. The minimum investment amount is USD100.

We offer a platform to invest in short term and long-term investments under custody. This allows you to retain decision-making control over the investment and the specific securities in your portfolios while outsourcing the administrative processes. We offer execution mandates in the below:

  • Fixed deposits with over 15 pre-qualified financial institutions in our counterparty panels.
  • Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds
  • Listed shares
  • Eurobonds
  • Structured products
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