NCBA Investment Bank is a member of the Nairobi Securities Exchange. We offer a wide range of options, with a convenient way to manage your accounts and dedicated service. Benefit from our robust, integrated expertise in a wide range of trading options.

We buy and sell shares on behalf of our clients at the Nairobi Securities Exchange as well as provide guidance based on in-depth research by our expert team. This service is available to a wide range of clients including local and foreign fund managers, hedge funds, insurance companies and high net worth and retail clients.

NCBA Investment Bank’s dedicated bonds-trading desk offers services in both Secondary Market Trading and Government Primary Bonds Auctions. We facilitate the buying and selling of existing treasury and corporate bonds in the secondary market on behalf of our clients on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. And offer investment advice on Treasury Bond Primary Issues, backed by informed insight on interest rates movements and market sentiment.

NCBA Investment Bank is a licensed dealer in the NSE Derivatives market. Derivatives are financial contracts between two parties where the return depends on the performance of a specific underlying asset which is typically a commodity, bond, equity or currency. Four common types of derivative contracts are futures, forwards, options, and swaps.

The NCBA Mobile Banking application is an exclusive feature provided to NCBA customers that allows you to be your own broker, providing the capability to establish immediate contact with the Nairobi Securities Exchange trading platform. The mobile application provides you with a convenient and highly secure mobile trading and banking platform that is accessible by customers with any Android, IOS or Blackberry smartphone through the respective application stores.  

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Our team delivers client-focused research covering both the equity and fixed income market. We analyse macro, sector and company fundamentals to identify investment opportunities for the securities under coverage. Our flagship reports include:
  • Daily Equities and Fixed income reports: a daily report which provides a regional summary of equities and fixed income market activity.
  • Weekly Equities report: a weekly report which contains the equities wrap up for the week, outlook for the coming week, upcoming week's equities topics as well as the market score card
  • NCBA Monthly Insights Report: a monthly report in which our analysts share top stock picks and actionable ideas.
  • Quarterly Equities Strategy: a report published every quarter featuring trade ideas and our proposal for an asset allocation strategy.
  • Equity Research Report: NCBA’S equity research publication provides a recommendation on whether investors should buy, hold or sell shares on select listed equities. The report features a detailed investment thesis which provides insights to the company covered, the industry it operates in, its financial performance and the key risks investors should be aware of.
  • Bespoke Research: Our bespoke research pieces cover industry changes and market developments as well as new regulations and their impact on those market/industry segments. provides earnings estimates for the companies we cover.
  • Earning Updates: summarises key earnings statistics and key insights once a company publishes its financial results.
  • Thematic Reports: this is an assortment of periodic publications which explore key transformational themes in various sectors of the economy.

We help create linkages between corporate entities and investors. We do this through roadshows, conference attendance and facilitating visits to local and international investors.

NCBA Investment Bank plays an important role in facilitating approvals for new issuers of securities in the Nairobi Securities Exchange, both debt and equity. As a lead sponsoring broker we:

  • Obtain listing approval from securities exchanges on behalf of the Issuer of the debt or equity instrument.
  • Liaise with lead transaction advisors in the preparation of the Offering Prospectus or Information Memorandum.
  • Play a key role in marketing the deal to potential investors.
  • Advise on the optimal timing for an issue.

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